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How to Wash a Woven Throw Blanket

How to Wash a Woven Throw Blanket

Carefully cleaning your woven throw blanket is the best way to extend its life. Because woven throws are perfect for indoors and outdoors, it's vital to carefully wash and dry your boho blanket every so often to keep it clean and looking beautiful for years to come.

Initial Woven Throw Cleaning

When you first purchase your boho woven throw blanket, the cotton threads are newly woven and may shed. If you immediately try to lay the blanket out as a bedspread or drape over a couch or chair, you might notice some yarn start to collect on the furniture itself. This is especially true if you have white bedding or furniture. If you don't wash the woven blanket, you'll notice the shedding yarn and will need to use a lint roller to remove the excess.

Machine Wash & Dry Your Woven Throw

Put your blanket in the washing machine by itself to stop the yarn from shedding. It's best to use mild detergent and the cold water cycle. This will remove the excess yarn that might be clinging to your bedding and other home furniture. The initial wash should eliminate the issue or at least drastically reduce the shedding. After washing, place the blanket in the dryer on the delicate setting for 15-20 minutes. Over-drying your blanket may cause it to shrink so it's best to use smaller increments of drying time. Hanging the blanket to air dry over a clothing line or shower rod is another safe option. If the woven throw starts to crumble in certain areas, you can use a steamer or even an iron to smooth out any inconsistencies. An iron will typically work best in this scenario.

Pilling Can Ruin Your Blanket

Be aware of pilling during the cleaning process! Pilling happens when the loose cotton yarn in the throw blanket starts to pull, twist, or mat into little balls. This can happen over time with use and wear. To remove the pilling, use scissors to remove the excess fibers. Do not pull the cotton with your hands as this can cause the woven threads to stretch. It will cause the weave to look warped, inconsistent, and alter the shape of your beautiful blanket. Follow these simple steps to keep your woven throw clean and looking good!