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Mushroom Blankets + Earth Tones to Give Your Space Character

Mushroom Blankets + Earth Tones to Give Your Space Character

If there's one thing we love, it's earth tones. Earth tones are technically referring to any color scheme that includes brown. But it also includes natural colors found in nature like brown soil, red clay, green foliage, cloudy skies, and other tones. These colors interact together to make a room feel calm, purposeful and beautiful.

Because of our love for earth tones and a fascination with mushroom decor, we've curated our own selection of mushroom blanket designs over the years. Simple patterns, complex colors, beautiful fungi sets designed on a throw blanket full of character. Now you can bring a variety of fungi species into your room with artistic vibe. Chanterelle mushrooms, hedgehog mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms, and toadstools are just a few of our favorite species.

Good Merchant Co has a full color mushroom pattern and a full color mushroom set blanket. All are perfect options to add earth tones to your room. If you can't decide which size to choose, view our size guide for more information. Try one out and take advantage of our free shipping and returns policy. Cheers to the mushroom blanket!